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Welcome to 9buz!

What is this website all about, you’re wondering? Well, you really shouldn’t be. Isn’t it pretty obvious? Here you’ll find plenty of funny quotes, jokes, memes, trololol’s and so on for the most part in the form of images! A pretty endless amount of funny pictures, in fact. Whether you’re looking for a pun on words, a picture that may look a bit inappropriate but in reality it’s not, a dog or cat laughing, celebrities caught in compromising positions, troll faces, happy faces, weird faces, funny quotes you’ll be saying to your friends for many months after you read them, or well. Really, just about anything funny you’ll find it here at 9buz!

Wondering where we came up with the name of the website? It is actually a marketing trick! Buz is representing something that is buzzing around the Internet and number 9 is reference to well-known web place with the similar content. You can find us on Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/9buzz ! You can bookmark this page and join  if you want to see new funny quotes and funny pictures on a daily basis through our website packed full of amusing images!

That’s not all! If you like 9buz you can share the page with your friends, as well as share a lot of the amusing images and quotes that you’ll find on here! I mustache’ you a question, what are you waiting for? Become a fan of us on Facebook and visit our page whether through Facebook or through our website today and just about every day in the future to get some great laughs, and to help make your friends laugh too! After-all, we all need some comic relief at some point in life.